Happy Women’s Day Wishes and Quotes

,Happy Women’s Day and Wishes Happy women’s day quotes in a special way

Happy Women’s Day is being celebrated each year on March 8. It’s used to be called the International Happy Women’s Day and this event is a commemoration of the incident in 1908 were 129 women died. It was said that these women are factory workers who have been demanding better pay, shorter work hours, voting rights, etc. To avoid publicity, the owner of the factory locked them up and fire broke down which caused the death of the 129 women.

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Celebrate the essence of all the amazing ladies out there, International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8, every year. Since the early 1900s, International Women’s Day also promotes gender equality and equal opportunities for women. So, whether she is your best friend, your mother, your daughter or your wife, there is no denying that women play a special role in all walks of life. So, if you are confused about how should you celebrate this Women’s Day


In order to bring a smile on the most special woman of your life, we are here to help you with the same. It does not matter if you are not someone who is good with words or often find it really difficult to put your thoughts into words. We list down top 50 messages and wishes for Women’s Day which are bound to tug the strings of her heart. You can do almost anything you put your mind to. You can face adversity and still walk dauntless. Strong, beautiful, compassionate and much more than words could every say. Today is yours, as any other day. Happy Women’s Day!

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International Women’s Day Quotes

  • When the world was created, you were created to beautify it and you have certainly done a great job because the world is smiling for you today.
  • On this International Women’s Day, remember that as a woman, all life spring from you. So look at the world and smile. For without you, there would be no life.
  • Happy Ladies day! You deserve to be happy today so enjoy your day to the fullest.
  • A woman is life, Her heart is so tender and delightful it is like a drum sounding sweet melodies.
  • Women may you always dream of big things and come up of high aspirations.
  • Woman you are wonderful in the way you manage your personal and profession all life so excellent.
  • Thank you very much woman because you always listen with patients and apply all your efforts to support me.
  • Any woman can make happiness to bloom all over them, happy women’s day!
  • A woman can bring joy bloom all round them. Happy day dear women.
  • Beloved woman you are the origins of life. You are the flexible river that travel for a long distant but will not get tired.

Women’s Day Wishes and Quotes in a unique way

Women's Day Quotes
  • Have a great day and enjoy in your life!
  • A good woman makes strength from difficulty and become stronger with prayers and hope.
  • You are the joy to every home, and every heart. Remember that happiness is not complete in your absence.
  • Women feel unique and special on top of the world you have done great things.
  • Women you are marvelous, wonderful nice and always adorable.
  • You have the power to create, to nature and to transform. Happy woman’s day.
  • You have always made me sufficient woman. You have always s put a smile on my face. Happy day.
  • Every home and every heart. Every feeling and every moment of happiness is truly incomplete without you for only you can complete this world. Have a wonderful women’s day!

Happy Women;s Day

Happy Women Day
  • I cannot believe how time flies! Now it’s another women’s day being with you! Enjoy this day, for you truly deserve to be happy!
  • Women put in mind today that all life originates from you put a smile on your face.
  • Woman you were created to bring the beauty on the world and you have done it perfectly.
  • Surely you are a perfect companion which fits me. You have made me somebody from nobody.
  • Cheers to you woman. You have made me successful. If it was not for you I could not have reach this far.
  • I love you no matter what we have gone through. Happy Women’s day!
  • I wish you could see from my eyes how much you are one gem of a woman!
  • Being a woman is not an easy task because it mainly consists of dealing with men!

Women’s Day Wishes for Mother

Happy Women’s Day Wishes for Mother
  • How to say thank you mama for all that you have done for me without waiting for her birthday? Use these messages bellow to show your affection and devotion to a loving mom.
  • You will always be the first woman I will ever love this much, happy women’s day mom!
  • Dear mom, you’ve got everything in life to take the world in your stride! May you have a wonderful women’s day!
  • Hey mother, thank you for you have the patience to listen and the strength to support me, happy women’s day!
  • Whatever you do, you have to do it with grace, style, warmth and a smile! Happy women’s day mom!
  • The best thing about having you as my mother is that I am never short of a friend!
  • Dear mommy, may your sunny and enthusiastic spirit be with you always, happy day dedicated for best women in the world
Happy Women’s Day Wishes
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